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Terry’s writing and painting supports a research based practice examining what is behind the surface of things, whether rocks, trees, landscapes or masks. This work is informed by philosophy and theory, particularly Heidegger’s ideas on truth and the essence of things.

Terry has developed his own research methodology – Deliberative Painting. This uses an iterative cycle of printing, drawing and photography to investigate a subject and understand its essential elements; the mystery of painting then helps to reveal a hidden subject. 


Terry also explores Anton Ehrenzweig’s ideas on our individual and collective ‘oceanic depths’ of memories, experiences and ideas, which through the iteration of Deliberative Painting may be retrieved and provide psychological insight into the works.

Terry relies on the viewer to help reveal these insights. Through formal and informal reviews and critical discussions, viewers express their own responses, revealing how their experiences are as relevant as the artist’s in interpreting the works.

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